Platform Profile

Contrary Findings is a platform for data-driven observations about economics, business, science, politics and culture that don’t always conform to conventional wisdom.

Showing “data” is by itself no assurance of sound conclusions. Every aspect of data – it’s form, collection, compilation, analysis, and presentation – is subject to bias, errors and omissions. Contrary Findings will try to avoid these pitfalls.

Clear, unbiased data doesn’t preclude strong commentary. The problem with most conventional wisdom is that it’s been repeated so many times in so many media outlets that to disagree is the equivalent of donning a tin foil hat and declaring it’s a sure-fire cure for alien mind control. So if Contrary Findings makes its observations in strong, unambiguous terms, take it as a mix of informed  speculation and hard conclusions.

Disagree? No problem – post a comment, and show us your data.

Contrary Finding’s lead contributor is Vince McGinty. A former CEO, he has a degree in economics and over thirty years of global high tech industry experience. Vince consults and writes from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Reach him at